Social Media Posting Service

Why You Should Delegate Social Media Posts

You’ve been posting to your own social media platforms since they were a thing, so why do you need a social media posting service now?

Even yesteryear’s over-poster couldn’t keep up with the level of social media sharing required to gain brand recognition these days! It’s so necessary that we have actually created automated tools to do it for us! But that doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. While tools like Edgar and Hubspot automate the process of posting, in most cases, we still have to create the actual post.

social media post
This is a good example of a social media post that generated some awareness of a Facebook page. Wing less than 24 ours it reached nearly 4,000 people and received over 400 engagements. Not bad for the $0 spent.

LinkedIn, Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Vine, You Tube, Flickr, Deviant Art…the list goes on and on. And since each platform has it’s own personality and purpose, so too do they have varying standards of conduct and social expectations. For example, you would not be expected to leave anywhere near the number of emoticons on a LinkedIn post as you would on Instagram, and in fact, too many emoticons on one and too few on another is, well…frowned upon.

Depending on your particular following there will be better times of day to post than others and on average you need to be posting four times a day to each. Figuring all of this out and then actually doing it consistently could be a full time job! And in fact, it is for some! My social media posting service can free you from the chains of concern about what to post next so you can focus on other areas of business, or just relax!

Even though many of the social platforms seem to be running with the expectation that we will all pay for advertising, they remain one of the best ways to share your products with others and bring in some organic traffic.

Why Should You Work With Me?

If you’d like some help managing your own social media, but don’t want to employ a full time social media manager; and if you want to work with someone who cares about your business as much as you do, you are in the right place!

If you are already using an automation tool to get your posts out and would like to continue to use the same automation tool, that’s fabulous! I can work with whatever system you’ve got in place. I’m not here to sell anyone any particular automation system, I am here to help you create something with which to feed whatever beast you’ve already got.

Social Media Posting - Instagram - Ice Cream Shop
This was never actually posted to Instagram as it was created by me in response to a call for proposals. I just happen to really like it so I’m sharing it here.

If you have not yet tried social media automation, I can suggest some popular and well loved automation tools and help you get set up and started with whatever you select. And then, I can help to create content to feed the beast of your choosing.

Since you know your business better than I do, I expect you will have strong ideas on what content you want to put out and you probably have already established your own voice in this regard. While I may have some out of the box suggestions from my own viewpoint, I will count on your to know your own market better than I do. That said, if I feel that something could potentially result in a negative outcome, I will share my perspective with you, and if you still want move forward, then I will do what you are asking. You’re the boss, and I don’t need to be right.

Social Media Posting - Instagram - Ice cream sandwich

Coming up with and putting together all of the elements of several valuable pieces of content each day can be quite daunting. Sure, you can just post whatever is on your mind, and sometimes that will be of value to your audience. And sometimes it wont. Creating something is both eye catching and useful takes time more than anything else, and also some skill. Even finding appropriate non-copyrighted images alone can present a challenge.

While I can’t guarantee any particular number of likes or shares. or an increase in reactions to your social media posts, I can guarantee a decrease in the amount of time you need to spend putting together and churning out content. Any increase to your bottom line would likely be due to the fact that your social media platforms would be consistently attended to, keeping your brand relevant, while you focus on other areas of your business that result in greater returns.

Social Media Posting Service Package Options

PER POST – $30 to create a basic social media post which includes copywriting, one photo edit, optimized for the social media platform of your choice. For an additional $10, I’ll optimize the post for up to four social media platforms.

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like; so that I can give you my full attention during the call, please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.