SEO Writing Services

SEO writing services include advertising copy, product descriptions, article writing, and blog/social media posts. Given that we are in the digital space, all writing provided as part of these services is optimized for search engines (SEO), while also providing an easy read for the humans.

In addition to earning a certification in direct response copywriting, and spending a ton of time online, I have learned a tremendous amount through a recent side gig writing copy for, where my writing is consistently reviewed by some savvy editors, and I can truly say that my partnership with them continues to improve my writing, particularly when it comes to SEO.

SEO Writing Samples

Following are some links to my most recent SEO writing samples:

Blog Writing/Product Reviews

You provide the topic, I will conduct the research and write an article up to 2,500 words optimized for the keywords that you select. $.06 per word.


Includes edits to improve sentence structure, correct grammatical, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors in website articles, resumes, cover letters, press releases, business plans, and APA formatted academic documents. $.03 per word.

Evergreen Content Revival Service

Don’t let older good content go to waste! I’ll update and optimize your outdated content, giving it new life, and improving your SEO for a better user experience. If you have content already sitting on your site that has not been optimized for search engines, get them working for you with The Evergreen Content Revival!

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