Product Photography

This service is only provided in Austin, TX and immediately surrounding areas, however, if you would like photo editing services, please check out my Photo Retouching Services.

Great Product Photography is Crucial

There is a tremendous amount of research that clearly supports the idea that photos are important for online sales. But even leaving academic proof aside, a picture was worth a thousand words long before the internet was a thing, so I feel very comfortable making this claim:

Better product photos can increase your brand’s credibility, brighten your online store, and increase sales.

Competition to sell almost anything online is steadily reaching a fever pitch and standards are being lifted. If you are selling anything, there are anywhere from a dozen to one thousand dozen other people selling the same or similar items. Therefore, if you selling online through eBay, Etsy, your own website, or any other platform, it is imperative that you have the best product photos possible.

Here are some examples of my recent product photography work:

Product Photo Service Logistics

I will come to your location and set up a mini studio with proper lighting and white background. I will fully photograph each item from several angles, Used products that need cleaning will take longer than brand new products that are display-ready. One round of photo editing is included.

My rate for product photography is $50/hour.

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Product Photography for Drop-shippers

If you are drop shipping, you probably have your supplier provide product photos to you, and that’s perfectly fine. Those photos do tend to get around though, and while they do a great service to the product details, they won’t set your brand or shop apart from the rest.

If you have ever dreamed of creating your own photos for your online business, if you’d like to do something a bit different, I’d love to hear more about your vision to determine if there is any way I can assist.