Positive Thinking

When I think of positive thinking, I think of starting a new project, and specifically, I think of checking what I have before listing the things I need. This isn’t so much esoteric as it is practical.

If we were to start a project with the assumption that what we lack is the most important consideration, and should be a priority, it will seem as though we lack every single thing needed to get started. But that can’t be true. If it is, what on earth made us consider such a project at all?

Inspiration doesn’t strike in a vacuum, outside of any context. Whatever our vision, we have all we need to get started, to take a leap forward. When it’s time for the big finish, we will by then have acquired whatever is necessary to complete our project. Or not.

My point here is that there is no reason to delay our start simply because we don’t currently have every last item we think we might possibly need to see the entire project though to its end. Having not even started yet, we are nowhere near the end anyway, and we will never get near the end if we never get started.

Should we wait until we are sure we have acquired every item on our dreamed up of list of near future needs? Suppose we do. We may find at any point in our work, that we don’t actually need many of the items we thought we would before we started. Moreover, we might discover that we actually need completely different things that we never would have considered before we actually started! Also, those things we think we need, we may never actually have…they may never come. So forget it.

At present moment then, we need nothing more than what we have.

Overthinking and overplanning can smother action with inertia (and can be a real drag on our budgets)! I do not mean to suggest that we should not consider possible futures based on what we know. However, when we hear our planning selves lament:

But we can’t because we don’t have xyandz. it is definitely time to stop and reframe. A very good question that we could ask ourselves in this moment might be:

What can we do today, given what we already have, to move us toward our vision?

Positive Thinking

Now, with this new frame of mind, let’s look at our situation again:

We do have abandc…

Hey, you’re a good writer, maybe we can share our vision with as many people as possible. People may be interested and want to contribute, someone might even have an xyandz that they want to get rid of or would just love to share!”

“Yes and writing it out will probably help us to clarify our vision as well. Hmmm, if we write it up really well, maybe there’s a chance to win some funding of some sort?”

“I guess it’s possible, I’ll do a little research into art grants while you get started with the writing!”

“Alright! Let’s get started!

And now we are getting somewhere!

My version of positive thinking is:

I have all I need to work toward accomplishing whatever I desire, and so do you. Starting a project by focusing on what we don’t have, is starting a project focusing on the lack. It may be true that we do need to acquire several items for our project, but the impact of a perceived lack is still a matter of perspective and focused intention. Positive thinking isn’t denying our needs or wishes. We can recognize where we fall short, and yet, turn our attention to where we are likely to excel, and in doing so, we give ourselves more to work with to address our shortcomings, if we ever really need to.

When we focus on the gifts, blessings, and support that we already have, we can move into our projects with a greater sense of ease, knowing that we already have so much to work with. Having so much to work with, we can then focus our intention on building from what we have. Working from a perspective of gratitude is always wiser, and certainly easier, than starting with an imaginary nothing.

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