Photo Retouching Services

For various reasons, we can sometimes you find ourselves with a photo or batch of photos that would be great with just a little cleaning up. I offer photo retouching services for portraits, product photos, event photos, and any other type of photograph that needs a little TLC.

Contact me today for any of the following photo retouching services:

  • Blemish Removal
  • Stray Hair Removal
  • Light & Color Correction
  • Ambient Photo Retouching
  • Resizing and Scaling
  • Framing and Watermarking
  • Fix Damaged or Worn Photos
  • Watermark Removal***

Maybe you need a stray hair or blemish removed from a portrait, or your product photos all turned out too dark, or maybe you need to resize, or add frames, or add or remove watermarks.

Portraits and product photos commonly benefit from retouching, and unpredictable lighting and other unexpected situations commonly result in event photos that can also often be vastly improved with a little TLC.

Converting a large number of photos individually is time consuming and tedious, and if you’re not sure what you are doing, you could end up with disappointing results.

Whether you have a few photos or a large batch of photos, I can help! No job is too big or too small!

Blemish Removal & Skin Smoothing

In the case of the photo below, I had no plans for using this particular photo for anything. It’s just a candid shot of me standing in front of my vanity while getting ready to go out. Months later, I stumbled across it, and using a frequency separation technique, I evened out the skin tone, made the colors pop a bit, and voila! My shop, MissPixATX now had a face to put with the name! To keep the store’s branding consistent, MissPix is almost always depicted with her hair in curlers and her expression usually set in her characteristic resting bitch face.

Light and Color Correction

Here, I simply did a color correction to remove the yellow tones from the photo. Amazon requires a white background for all products and, because of of the simple clean finish, many sellers choose to use a white background on other selling platforms as well.

Ambient Photo Retouching

In the case of the photo below, I had taken several hundred photos at a fundraising event for Mainstream Mental Health. It wasn’t necessary but I thought it would be fun to add a bit of night club ambiance to the photo below, which seemed appropriate since the fundraiser took place at a local comedy club.


Watermarking your photos and other content can help to protect these assets from unauthorized use to some degree. Another benefit of adding a watermark is that it can help potential customers find you, and in this way is essentially a free form of advertising.

You can use any logo or text as your watermark and the the opacity can range from nearly translucent ot fully opaque. Size and placement are also completely up to you. If you would like a custom designed watermark, I can also help with that.

Example of a watermarked photo

Fix Damaged or Worn Photos

Outside of product photography, store/company branding, and major life events, there are other valid reasons to have a photo retouched. Digital photos, particularly JPEGs, DO in fact degrade over time. Each time you open the photo and save it again, you lose a few pixels per inch. Additionally, if you have digitized analogue photos, they may have been faded or otherwise damaged from the wear and tear of time. Take the example below:

If you want to preserve family photos for future generations, a retouching will ensure that you leave your leave your legacy with photos they’ll be proud to display on the mantel.

A Note About Watermark Removal

***Watermark removal will be considered on a case by case basis and will only be done if you have the right to remove the watermark from the photo. You’ll also need to send me an example photo so I can determine if the watermark can be removed and if so, I’ll provide a separate quote for the service.

Affordable Photo Retouching Rates

My very affordable rates range from $1-$4 per photo depending on how many fixes are needed for each photo. Send me a message letting me know what you need and I’ll send you a quote.

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like; so that I can give you my full attention during the call, please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.