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Content Repurposing Services

Content repurposing services can include any and all of the content servcies listed on this page. The idea is take what you have find the greatest number of creative ways to use it to help you reach your business objectives. Evergreen Content Revival Services (listed below) are an example of repurposeing old blog content by updating it to make it relevant to the present day. In business and life, It’s always good practice to make the most of what you have. You really can’t go wrong by repuropsing content that is already available. You definely get more bang for your buck in doing so. The first step is to IDENTIFY what you have to work with. Complete the contact form and I’ll be happy to provide a free one hour consultation to help you identfy the possibilties in the context of your particular needs. My rate for this service starts at $40 per hour.

eLearning Content Development

Do you have new hires that need training? Would you like to have your new hire training designed and deliverd in an online format that you can use repeatedly? Do you have desk aids, presentations, journal notes, meeting minutes or any other content that you want to use to educate your customers, employees, or potential partners about your offerings? Applying the theoretical knowledge gained during my graduate studies of adult learning to the issues of daily work and life in the digital space, using the latest technologies, presents a neverending opportunity for growth. I would be happy to develop online educational events for you. Full courses, engaging presentations, slide decks, webinars, valid assessments, and short fun quizzes are all with in the realm of possiblity. Educational content is one of the best ways to reach your market and really get the value of your services across. My rate for this service starts at $40 per hour.

Presentation Design

Need a winning presentation? I offer custom presentation design services for PowerPoint or Keynote . Infographics, animations, scriptwriting/editing…End Result? Your message beautifully conveyed to your intended audience. I charge an hourly rate for this service. My rate is $40/hour.

Video Editing

Do you have video content that you would like to use as part of a separate presentation, or repurpose into social media content, or include in a webinar or other learning event? Well, you are in luck because this is one of my favorite things to do! complete my contact form to share details about your project and let’s get rolling! My rate for video editing services is $40 per hour.

SEO Writing Services

SEO writing services can include advertising copy, product descriptions, article writing, and blog/social media posts. Given that we are in the digital space, all writing provided as part of these services is optimized for search engines (SEO), while also providing an easy read for the humans. Available starting at $.06/word.

Evergreen Content Revival Writing Services

Don’t let older good content go to waste! I’ll update and optimize your outdated content, giving it new life, and improving your SEO for a better user experience. If you have pages of content already sitting on your site that are no longer relevant, outdated, and/or have not been optimized, get them working for you with The Evergreen Content Revival Writing Service! $.06/word

Digital Designs

Need more original graphic content for your website and/or promotional materials? I design eye-catching and memorable banners, creative ads, header images, logos, and other general graphics and visual aids for the web. Customized for your personal and eCommerce business websites, social media platforms, blogs, and online marketplaces. Quick turn around! I submit initial mock ups quickly for early feedback from you to ensure the final product is delivered on time and to your satisfaction. Starting at $80 per asset.

$433 Website Set-Up

Includes free domain registration and the first 2 months of hosting for free! You’ll also get free stock photos, contact forms and more. Check my site for more details and contact me right away to get on the schedule!

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