Mindfulness in Business – The Art of Communicating – Wow!

Mindfulness in Business

After a very productive day, I fell asleep last night watching something unrealted to mindfulness in business, on You Tube, and when I awoke this morning, I was greeted with this communication, already about an hour in.  It could not have been a better start to today.

It is lengthy at 3 hours, but there is so much wisdom and valuable guidance…time is nothing…
Listening to, understanding, and doing our best to live by the principals contained in this teaching, would do us a lot of good, both collectively and individually.

The ideas contained in this teaching resonate very deeply with me. I’ve always dreamed of being part of a positive transformation of our culture. I’ve dreamed that I would be bold enough to bring these ideas into our workplaces, to create more mindfulness in business, but that has proven to require more audacity than I possess.

I believe meetings ought to be conducted in a way that fosters mindfulness, but the times when I have attempted to bring mindfulness exercises into meetings, I didn’t feel it was as well received as I would have liked.

A simple example of bringing mindfulness practice to meetings would be doing something like, beginning the meeting with the sound of a bell, and a few moments to sit quietly together and breathe. I want us to do that. I also believe in meeting infrequently, but when we do, we really make it something!  One really good mindful gathering where we get real and present with each other is worth far more than several hurried meetings where we sit and think about what we want to say next, or worry about things going on elsewhere or in the future.

If I am ever in charge of meetings again, I hope to be able to summon enough courage to conduct them with these teachings in mind even if it feels awkward to do so.

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