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Here is my InVideo Review after spending just the past couple of hours, which s all it took to convert text to video, using InVideo for the first time.

Let me start by saying that I’ve had an on-again-off-again love affair with video editing for a number of years, and probably have more video experience than the average person who might use this. Still, I am a novice at plenty of of…most…other things, so I feel I’m pretty well versed at not knowing what I am doing.

When I want to convert text to video, I typically do my video editing in Lightworks, which also offers a free version of their software, as InVideo does. However, InVideo did offer to upgrade me to premium for the ONE video I made, in exchange for a share on FaceBook. A fine marketing strategy, and one we are all familiar with by now.

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InVideo Pricing

Since I was using the premium version, and I want to provide accurate information, here are the pricing options from the InVideo website:

InVideo Review Pricing Plan

Not bad at all at $10 per month for the business plan with all the premium features. Seriously, I spend a lot of time online and it doesn’t seem like there are very many products at all that are available at this low price anymore! I like the simple options as well.

InVideo Free Version Features

The free version has a video duration limit of five minutes, but if you plan to use this video editor to convert your text into social media ads to promote yourself, and your skills/talents/products, five minutes is too long anyway.

The free version also has the same editing features as offered in the business plan and exports to 720p resolution. And best of all…NO WATERMARK! How sweet is that? My son makes YouTube Videos, and while I’ve recently turned him on to Lightworks, I think he’ll really get a kick out of this and enjoy using InVideo for less complicated productions.

I personally enjoyed the feature that helps you to turn your blog post or article into a video, especially because it is a well-known content development rule that you should always put your message into more than one format. And video is hot right now. Converting text to video can be very timeconsuming if you want to do it well, and the learning curve with some video editing software can be rather steep. Converting text to video with InVideo was fun and easy!

When all was said and done, I created my short video in just over an hour, from the signup process to video download. That’s not bad at all, and I never had to mess with any transitions either. They were automatically done for me. I’m sure I could have gone in and changed them, but there was no reason to do so.

With the vast array of templates that InVideo has made available, I’m sure anyone could find more than five or six to their liking.

InVideo Review Results

I absolutely recommend this product to anyone, at any level of video editing experience, who wants to include video as part of their marketing strategy. While I’ll always love Lightworks for my more cinematic endeavors, InVideo makes creating video ads easy, quick, and even fun! And the music ain’t half bad either!

Give InVideo a try today. It’s free anyway, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Oh…and here’s the video I put together this evening in just over an hour (with distractions!).

My First InVideo
Print on Demand Empire!

UPDATE 11/14/2019

It seems InVideo couldn’t figure out how to make money by giving everything away. I’m sure you don’t find this surprising. I don’t either. However, there is still great news. They have modified their pricing structure and it is very reasonable and hopefully will allow InVideo to stay in business. You can still try it out with a free version. Pro version is just $4 per month. The business version is just $15 per month. Here is the list of features for each:

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If you’d still like some else to create a video for you, I can help. complete my contact form and I’ll be in touch! Thanks!


    1. Thank you Bryan! I just posted another video that I made back in 2016, now polished up a bit. Things are feeling promising right now so I’m staying in flow. 🙂 The InVideo was just something I stumbled upon and I’m pretty impressed with their free offering and the fact that even the paid offering is only $10 per month and is intended for teams to collaborate. It simple and accessible. I dig it.

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