Favorite Free & Paid Tools

I’ll be listing all of my favorite free and paid tools here. If you need any assistance with using any of the tools, I’m happy to help. Just drop me a line.

Favorite Free Tools

Favorite free tools - photo edit- get paint.net
Paint..net is my all-time long-term favorite buddy when it comes to feature-rich free photo editing tools. It’s open-source and there are hundreds of plugins available (also for free) so you can customize with the features you like. You can even create your own plugin in the Paint.net code lab. visit to download. or link from this post.
Check out this free online tool for creating a pleasant-sounding voice over for narration. There is also a pitch shifter and a bunch of other tools. Everything on the site seems to be free so far and I didn’t even need to enter my email address! Enjoy! 
favorite free mockup generator
Print your design on T-shirts and other products. Start here with this free mockup generator!

Paid Tools

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Favorite Free & Paid Tools