Digital Learning Design Developer

The Present

As a skilled Digital Learning Design Developer and forward-thinker, I truly enjoy all of the elements involved in developing content in all of its forms. Because I appreciate variety in my day to day existence, and because I am quick to learn new skills, and possess a very open and flexible mind, it’s very possible for me to do a little bit of everything. However, there are a few specific areas in which I find particular delight:

Meaningful Online Education

I almost never pass up an opportunity to make a terrible photo look dazzling, and I delight in creating specialized buttons, banners, icons, and headers. I very much appreciate and will rejoice over a well-timed GIF, or video transition, and I don’t mind the painstaking effort it might take to get it exactly right. Whether the goal is to entertain or to persuade, I love the craft, and the challenge, of writing with purpose and am keen to take on almost any writing assignment. Seeing the results of my long term efforts at increasing site optimization by applying solid writing skills has given me a real sense of joy. Applying the theoretical knowledge gained during my graduate studies of adult learning to the issues of daily work and life in the digital space, using the latest technologies, presents a neverending opportunity for growth.

Over the course of the past three years, I have been INTENSELY focused on developing these skills, and have developed a number of online portfolios, which are listed at the bottom of this post. Feel free to browse them if you are interested. I’m always happy to receive feedback that can help me to improve the look and functionality of any of my work, including the portfolios themselves, so if you don’t mind taking the time to send me your suggestions, I would be most appreciative. For now, here is the rundown on my past work history and experience:


Project Management: Jira, Email Marketing: Mailchimp, HubSpot SEO Tools: Google Analytics, Ads, Console, Yoast Social Platforms:  Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, Pinterest Business, LinkedIn  Ecommerce/Online Shops: WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, Redbubble, Society 6, Art Of Where, Amazon Sellers, Merch By Amazon  Content Management Systems: WordPress, Php, MySQL Database, Graphic Design:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Paint.Net, Fast Stone, UI/UX Design: Figma Video Editing: Lightworks, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro Learning Management Systems: Canvas, Blackboard, Soft Chalk, BizLibrary Instructional Design And Presentation: Articulate Storyline. Articulate 360, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi Online Meeting Facilitation: GoToMeeting, Zoom  Writing & Word Processing: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Kindle Create  Online Forms: WP Forms Customer Service: Zendesk


  • Energetic team builder and enthusiastic team player
  • Highly dependable.  If I say I will do it, I will 
  • Very communicative, responsive to feedback
  • Goal-oriented and data-driven
  • Flexible and able to maintain a sense of humor



Master of Arts, Adult Education/Workplace Learning – Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Criminology – Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania


  • Ecommerce Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018
  • Search Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018
  • Copy Writing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018
  • Certified Content Marketer, Digital Marketer, 2018
  • Google Ads Fundamentals, Google, 2018
  • Financial Literacy Educator, Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, 2016


Ecommerce, Web Design & Management

Developed and currently manage small business web sites and marketing. Opened and currently manage all aspects of an online clothing and accessories shop.

Program/Project Management

– Exceeded or met all program performance measures over 4+ program years, with zero auditory findings over 3+ years.

Learning Management Systems

– Implemented and managed a new Learning Management System, achieving a 75% take-up rate within three months of launch.  

E-Learning/Instructional Design

– Designed and delivered online onboarding training modules for workforce development professionals.

Instructor-Led Training/Presentation

Planned and implemented professional training presentations for workforce development professionals and job seekers; provided classroom instruction to college-level students.

Career Counseling/ Student Services

– Provided career path, educational, and employment counseling to adult and juvenile populations with significant barriers to employment, resulting in hundreds of individuals obtaining self-sufficiency.  Facilitated the acquisition of over $250,000 in student financial aid to at-risk students at local area high schools.

Sales/Customer Service

– sold satellite dishes as a vendor at numerous county fairs across the state of Pennsylvania cleaned houses, wrapped sandwiches, dug a few ditches, went door to door selling Filter Queen vacuum cleaning systems, gathered census data, coordinated road construction projects, sold used cars, and during one summer, helped to keep Austin’s swimming pools clean and sparkling.


In addition to the digital learning/marketing/professional experience and education listed above, I have enjoyed a rich and varied life experience which has included:

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – several community theater productions, comedy improv classes, extra and production intern in movies and television, (Friday Night Lights, Gene Generation, Bad Kids Go to Hell), volunteer at Austin Film Festival, studio and field production coursework through local cable access channels, Channel Austin and Access Tucson, and an attempt to produce a documentary about Eeyore’s Birthday party.

HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SERVICES – over three years providing direct services to the homeless populations in three cities, volunteer work at domestic violence shelter.

The Future

I am interested in working with organizations of any type who are bringing something good to the environments in which they exist. I want to bring something into the world that the world needs. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m sure that someone out there knows, and has a solid idea about how and where to gain the support necessary to make it happen. If that someone is you, and you are reading this, you should contact me.

If you are ready to bring a concept, idea or notion into the world, I’m ready to step in and help move things forward. In all of my experience, I have found that this is where I function best. I’m a doer. When I get excited about an idea, I immediately start thinking about the most direct path to make it happen. What could we do right now to get started? What actions can we take right now to see the most progress toward the goal? How can we see a result? What immediate results would be most likely to result in later success?

I LOVE to strategize and I like to see results. Tha gap between strategy and result is closed by action. I’m not at all afraid to step into uncertainty. To me, that just means that anything is possible. I’m a fan of early wins and early feedback. It doesn’t bother me at all that something might not work as I’d hoped. What some people call failure is just narrowing the options down and providing me with more information about what actions could be more likely to result in success.

I have a preference for project-based work, where the goals are clear and not too far off. In short, I want to work in a role where my action-oriented personality is an appreciated resource and the application of my skills and talents is valued. I want to collaborate and build relationships with high vibrational people who care about themselves and the work they do in the world, and who show up with a positive outlook and bring their integrity with them.


My background in education and experience with digital learning and marketing, coupled with my solid project management and training skills, ability to troubleshoot problems out of existence, and learn new processes quickly makes me an excellent resource for anyone looking to start something new and/or get something done. I am available for consultation mostly anytime. Please send an email or text to schedule a free consultation (up to 30 minutes). I can be reached via email or by text at 512-355-6217.

Here’s where you can find my Digital Learning/Design/Marketing Professional portfolios and pages around the web:


  1. Hi. I’m looking for a POD platform to use where I can create a POD shop. I’ve played around with Zazzle, and you can see some of my trials on my website on The Shop and Art Posters pages. I like Zazzle because they’ve got such a huge range of products. I’ve created a shop on Zazzle called My_Easy_Suppers. But it needs organising and marketing. What I don’t like is that I cannot apply a discount code on the shopping cart that only applies to my products. I also don’t like all the Zazzle links that appear all over my shop. I’m UK based. We can talk more if you email me. Any suggestions for a better POD platform to use? Thanks.

    1. Hi Nick! Thanks for your comment! I recommend Printful for your situation because you can integrate it with your own standalone shop (I use WooCommerce or you can integrate it with Etsy, Amazon, and many more. I suggest starting with Etsy as they have the coupon function you are looking for and will also send traffic to your shop. I really like Etsy for many reasons. YOu can check out my Etsy shop and let me know what you think. Will either of these options work for you? .

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