ChickenBaconAvoPin: Any chicken bacon avocado recipe found on Pintrest.

Yesterday, I saved one of the many ChickenBaconAvocadoPins with the intention of making a chicken bacon avocado meal that same evening. I guess I got distracted because, once home, I realized I hadn’t actually saved that Pin, so, after browsing a  couple very similar recipes, I just went with my gut, and the most closely related items already available in my kitchen.

It was delicious.

I substituted spinach for lettuce, because spinach is more nutrient dense; and, it’s what I had on hand. Outside of  finding suitable ingredients without hitting the grocery store, my biggest concern was chicken. A few weeks ago, I managed to turn chicken thighs into rubbery rubbish via frying pan, and the few times I’ve cooked chicken breast, I have been less than thrilled with the results.

Fortunately, I found this quick tutorial on how to cook chicken breasts, and was able to achieve mouthwatering results. Yum!

chicken bacon avocado

Very Basic Ingredients and Instructions:

  • Thin sliced chicken breast (the trick is, even if it is already thin and seems to be the same thickness across each breast, season it and pound it with a rolling pin anyway. It can never be too tender, can it?.)
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Bacon
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Your favorite salad dressing
  • Blue cheese or Feta  cheese crumbles (Sadly, I did not have these on hand, and their absence was readily apparent.)
  • Cook the chicken, slice or dice it, and toss with remaining ingredients.

And that’s it! Simple deliciousness that I’m guessing is also fairly healthy. Yum!

Thanks for reading. If you try this recipe, I’d love to hear how it goes. Feel free to comment below.