SEO Writing Services

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SEO writing services include advertising copy, product descriptions, article writing, and blog/social media posts. Given that we are in the digital space, all writing provided as part of these services is optimized for search engines (SEO) , while also providing an easy read for the humans.

Blog Writing/Social Media Posts

You provide the topic, I will conduct the research and write an article up to 2,500 words optimized for the keywords that you select. $.06 per word.


Includes edits to improve sentence structure, correct grammatical, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors in website articles, resumes, cover letters, press releases, business plans, and APA formatted academic documents. $.03 per word.

Evergreen Content Revival Service

Don’t let older good content go to waste! I’ll update and optimize your outdated content, giving it new life, and improving your SEO for a better user experience. If you have pages of content already sitting on your site that have not been optimized for search engines, get them working for you with The Evergreen Content Revival!

SEO Writing Samples

In addition to earning a certification in direct response copywriting, and spending a ton of time online, I have learned a tremendous amount through a recent side gig writing copy for, where my writing is consistently reviewed by some savvy editors, and I can truly say that my partnership with them continues to improve my writing, particularly when it comes to SEO.

Following are some links to my most recent SEO writing samples:

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like; so that I can give you my full attention during the call, please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.


If you want some help setting up or managing a WordPress/WooCommerce site or store, at a reasonable rate, you are in luck! I’ve been living and breathing WordPress since late 2016, and I’m happy to help anyone who also chooses to go through this plight! 😉 Visit my online shop, to see the “final” version of my shop.

My WordPress and WooCommerce eCommerce Experience

Given the short duration of my experience, I may not be what some would call a WordPress/WooCommerce expert, but let me tell you…I had to set this up three separate times before I was satisfied with it; so while I only have set up this one shop, I’ve delved into all of the possibilities anyone could fathom, I have struggled through every frustration, cried sweat, bled tears, and sweat blood, and cried blood for almost 9 months before finally getting it right. Some baby, eh?? And that’s just the set up, I’ve barely gotten to the marketing piece!! Granted, I DO like to take a lot of time to design my own headers and other graphics, plus I designed all of the artwork for sale on the products in my shop, so that also took a great deal of time.

Anyway, if you endeavor to travel this path, I can complete some of the set up tasks for you, and/or I’ll be a willing guide, and maybe even a shoulder to cry on. Though I’m sure you can learn from my mistakes and progress a little quicker than I did, and without wallowing in a mess of your own bodily fluids!

WordPress/WooCommerce Austin TX

SEO & Marketing Stuff

Here is my most recent SEO report. Like I said, I’ve barely gotten started with the marketing piece; however, I have been able to significantly improve my own SEO scores after identifying all of the Big No No’s that cause low SEO scores and learning how to fix them myself.

I’d be happy to take a look at your site and do the same. I can also show you how I check my own scores and make improvements to my website, because you’ll there are some really simple things you can do to keep things running smoothly.

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My SEO score was 54 the first time I checked it about three months ago. This is much, much better.
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How to Get Started with WordPress/WooCommerce in Austin TX today!

If you would like some help setting up or managing your WordPress/WooCommerce site or store in Austin, TX, or anywhere really, drop me a line . My rates for this service vary depending on your specific needs, services start at just $30. If you’ve got $30 to invest in your project, you certainly wouldn’t be wasting it. There is always something worthwhile that can be done and returned to you quickly, usually within 24 hours!

I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials you can find elsewhere online to guide you, but lately I’ve been taking screen videos while I work, so I’d be happy to send you a video of anything I do for you so you can see exactly what I did in YOUR SHOP and you’ll be able to review the process when you need to. It’s a very convenient e-learning solution!

Request Personalized Action Plan
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TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like; so that I can give you my full attention during the call, please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

Product Photography

This service is only provided in Austin, TX and immediately surrounding areas, however, if you would like photo editing services, please check out my Photo Retouching Services.

Great Product Photography is Crucial

There is a tremendous amount of research that clearly supports the idea that photos are important for online sales. But even leaving academic proof aside, a picture was worth a thousand words long before the internet was a thing, so I feel very comfortable making this claim:

Better product photos can increase your brand’s credibility, brighten your online store, and increase sales.

Competition to sell almost anything online is steadily reaching a fever pitch and standards are being lifted. If you are selling anything, there are anywhere from a dozen to one thousand dozen other people selling the same or similar items. Therefore, if you selling online through EBay, Etsy, your own website, or any other platform, it is imperative that you have the best product photos possible.

I take immense joy in assisting non-profits and small businesses who wish to work with someone who takes their success at least a little bit personally. When you win, I win.

I currently specialize in basic photography of small to medium sized products such as books, electronics, and jewelry, but can also handle larger items as well. Contact me to discuss your specific product photography needs.

Here are some examples of my recent product photography work:

Product Photo Service Logistics

I will come to your location and set up a mini studio with proper lighting and a white background. Typically, I can fully photograph, from several angles, between 12-18 products per hour. It depends greatly on the state of the product. Used products that need cleaning will take longer than brand new products that are display-ready.

My rate for product photography is $50/hour. My travel time and one round of editing is included in my rate. Generally, you will end up with a total of 3-4 photos per product. That’s 36 – 70 retouched store-ready photos for just $38.

Request Personalized Action Plan
Complete this quick form and I’ll follow up with a personalized action plan to your inbox.

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like; so that I can give you my full attention during the call, please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

Product Photography for Drop-shippers

If you are drop shipping, you probably have your supplier provide product photos to you, and that’s perfectly fine. Those photos do tend to get around though, and while they do a great service to the product details, they won’t set your brand or shop apart from the rest.

If you have ever dreamed of creating your own photos for your online business, if you’d like to do something a bit different, I’d love to hear more about your vision to determine if there is any way I can assist.

Google Product Feed – Ouch!

Google product feed - ouch

Obtaining Google approval for a product feed is challenging when you do it for free, either because you don’t want to or can’t pay for an app to make a feed for your store. But many fledgling eCommerce store owners like myself have to make tough choices; we can’t have it all…not yet anyway.

Do I think the nearly 20 hours I spent on this small aspect of my larger project is worth more than the $80? Yes, in fact I know it is. I just don’t actually have $80 at the moment. Should I just get a real job and save up some money to put toward my eCommerce venture instead of scraping by like I am? Maybe so, and as soon as somebody responds to one of the 147 job applications I’ve submitted over the last three months with an offer, I will probably do that.

Could I postpone listing my products on Google until I do have $80 to spend on an app that will make this process faster? Yes. I suppose I could have…I definitely have plenty of other things that need doing…but, the first time my feed was rejected, I figured I could find a solution in much less time, and by the 4th or 5th rejection, I was just too far in to give up. Also, I had seen glimmers of hope that led me to believe I was at least on the right track toward a solution, so I stayed the course.

I may have used almost my entire weekend on this journey, but I understand how the product feed works well enough to go into my xml file and make changes manually if needed. Which is actually sometimes quicker than using an expensive tool, depending on the nature of the update.

My first attempt to get my feed accepted I had included 256 products. I quickly scaled this back to 13 products, because that is how many men’s leggings products I currently have in my shop, and it’s manageable enough for troubleshooting. I may hold off on listing the remaining 243 products until I feel secure enough to purchase an app.

If you are an eCommerce store owner and you are having challenges, I may be able to help. I’ve been working on my store for several months, and Google product feed is but one challenge among many that I have managed to troubleshoot out of existence. I wouldn’t be able to spend 20 hours troubleshooting for you, but I would be happy to tell you what I know.

I’ve also come across some free apps that look promising for other eCommerce platforms, but they may turn out to be as problematic as the ones I found for Woo Commerce. Or, if you are not squeamish about signing up for yet another monthly service, there are options there too.

I do want to credit Woo Commerce’s free offering since I was able to create the initial XML file from it, and without that, I’d still be in Nowheresville, instead of Knowwheresville. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you if you had a similar experience and have found other solutions. Or, If you are currently struggling with your product feed, comment below and we can try to figure it out.