Task Management Services: Get to the Goal!

Need to cross something off your list? Move something off your desk? Online Digital Designs task management services can help!

Online Tasks Completed for as little at $30!

There are many reasons why people choose Online Digital Designs task management services. Here are just a few examples:


You may know exactly what you want to get done, and exactly how to do it, but with so much going on, you just can’t seem to get it off the bottom of your list. So there it sits. You wish you could just send a note with instructions to another competent individual and have it done.

It’s Noisy Out There!

You have a basic website and social media profiles, created with the hopes of gaining support for a project, or customers to your business, only to be disappointed by less than stellar results.

Online Digital Information Overload!

The learning curve when dealing with social marketing, eCommerce platforms, search engines, etc. can be steep, and you don’t always have the time to learn by trial and error, mistake after mistake, while you lose money, time, and energy.

Compliance Issues!

You’ve set up your online shop and submitted your products to Google, Amazon, or another platform only to find your account suspended for not meeting terms and conditions. Coming into compliance will mean reworking and reconfiguring the assets that you already worked so hard on.

How Online Digital Designs Can Help

  • Immediately reducing your workload by completing a particular online digital task or series of tasks for you.
  • Developing digital designs, written material, and other relevant and useful content for your website and social media channels.
  • Providing individual instruction to close identified skill gaps and take some of the pain out of learning new technological tools.

My balanced work-style is both task and goal-oriented, accounting for the details while keeping the big picture in sight. I look forward to learning about your project and helping you accomplish your goals…one task at a time.

Areas of Specialization

As a skilled writer, artist, and forward-thinker, I truly enjoy all of the elements involved in creating and managing digital designs and written content for all kinds of websites, including e-commerce.

Photo and Video Editing

I almost never pass up an opportunity to make a terrible photo look dazzling, and I delight in creating specialized buttons, banners, icons, and headers. I very much appreciate, and will rejoice over a well-timed GIF.

Website Design, Set Up, and Management

Whether you have an eCommerce site, business, or blog, I can keep your site updated and optimized to keep your customers (and Google, etc.) happy.

Writing and Editing

Whether the goal is to entertain or to persuade, I’m keen to take on almost any writing assignment. I love the craft, and the challenge, of writing with purpose, and as an avid note-taker and journal writer, documentation is second-nature to me.

Research and Reporting

I am curious about many, many things and am very good at finding, interpreting, synthesizing, and conveying information on virtually any subject matter. I enjoy seeing the bigger picture that emerges from data-gathering efforts.

Task Management Services

Commonly Requested Task Management Services

Write Business Related Correspondence
List an Item For Sale
Set-up an Online Shop
Research and Reporting
LinkedIn Profile/Bio Update
Retouch/edit photos for a website

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