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Offering affordable and quick task management services to help you get a step closer to your goal. Get something done today for as little as $30!

Whether you are operating a local business, successful startup, freelance operation, or striving to achieve a personal, academic, or professional goal, developing your presence in the digital landscape is imperative in today’s reality. It’s necessary, but not always straightforward or easy, and it’s always time consuming. Online Digital Designs can help!

If you want to work with someone who cares about your projects as much as you do, you are in the right place!

Common Stumbling Blocks


You may know exactly what you want to get done, and exactly how to do it, but with so much going on, you just can’t seem to get it off the bottom of your list. So there it sits. You wish you could just send a note with instructions to another competent individual and have it done.

It’s Noisy Out There!

You have a basic website and social media profiles, created with the hopes of gaining support for a project, or customers to your business, only to be disappointed by less than stellar results.

Online Digital Information Overload!

The learning curve when dealing with social marketing, eCommerce platforms, search engines, etc. can be steep, and you don’t always have the time to learn by trial and error, mistake after mistake, while you lose money, time, and energy.

Compliance Issues!

You’ve set up your online shop and submitted your products to Google, Amazon, or another platform only to find your account suspended for not meeting terms and conditions. Coming into compliance will mean reworking and reconfiguring the assets that you already worked so hard on.

How Online Digital Designs Can Help

  • Immediately reducing your workload by completing a particular online digital task or series of tasks for you.
  • Developing digital designs, written material, and other relevant and useful content for your website and social media channels.
  • Providing individual instruction to close identified skill gaps and take some of the pain out of learning new technological tools.

Areas of Specialization

As a skilled writer, artist, and forward-thinker, I truly enjoy all of the elements involved in creating and managing digital designs and written content for all kinds of websites, including e-commerce.

Photo and Video Editing

I almost never pass up an opportunity to make a terrible photo look dazzling, and I delight in creating specialized buttons, banners, icons, and headers. I very much appreciate, and will rejoice over, a well-timed GIF.

Website Design, Set Up, and Management

Whether you have an ecommerce site, business, or blog, I can keep your site updated and optimized to keep your customers (and Google, etc.) happy.

Writing and Editing

Whether the goal is to entertain, or to persuade, I’m keen to take on almost any writing assignment. I love the craft, and the challenge, of writing with purpose, and as an avid note-taker and journal writer, documentation is second-nature to me.

Research and Reporting

I am curious about many, many things and am very good at finding, interpreting, synthesizing, and conveying information on virtually any subject matter. I enjoy seeing the bigger picture that emerges from data gathering efforts.

My balanced work-style is both task and goal oriented, accounting for the details while keeping the big picture in sight. I look forward to learning about your project and helping you accomplish your goals…one task at a time.

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like, but please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

For quick turnaround services visit my Steps to the Goal Services page.

Online Digital Designs Work Samples

You can browse my digital designs work samples from this page! I specialize in creating digital designs and written content for use on personal and business websites, eCommerce stores, social media platforms, email, and automated marketing programs.

ECommerce Work Samples

Digital Designs Work Samples

Editing Work Samples

Digital Marketing Work Samples

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like, but please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

For affordable and quick services that make a difference today, visit my Task Management Services Page

Task Management Services: Get to the Goal (À la Carte) Services

If it seems like managing the online aspects of your business has gotten more demanding, you’re not alone, and Online Digital Designs task management services can surely help!

Succeeding in the digital landscape can amount to an enormously time consuming series of tasks, but there’s no need to waste time completing tasks that onlinedigitaldesigns.com can happily do for you!

Reclaim your precious time so you can focus your energy on your biggest priorities.

Get to the Goal Task Management Services $30

Evergreen Content Revival

Don’t let older good content go to waste! I’ll update and optimize your outdated content, giving it new life, and improving your SEO so you can get more organic traffic to your site. If you have pages of content already sitting on your site that have not been optimized for search engines, get them working for you with The Evergreen Content Revival!

  • Select any post needing updated and send the URL and what keywords you would like to target.
  • Includes site review to identify other potential evergreen content and keywords
  • Use the button below to send URL and instructions or other pertinent details. I will send a confirmation once I receive your order.

Social Media Posting

Having a hard time creating enough quality content to keep up with your editorial calendar? I will research and create a social media ad/photo post optimized for your choice of three platforms.

  • Development of one social media ad/post, optimized for your choice of three social media platforms.
  • Includes one photo edit, SEO copywriting.
  • Use the button below to send your request along with any pertinent details and a photo to include in the post. I will follow up with you once I receive your request.

Photo Retouch/Simple Edit

Portraits and product photos can often benefit from retouching, and unpredictable lighting and other unexpected situations commonly result in event photos that can also be vastly improved with a little TLC. Maybe you need a stray hair or blemish removed from a portrait, or your product photos all turned out too dark. Or maybe you need to resize, or add frames, or add or remove watermarks.

  • $1+ per photo
  • Retouching, blemish removal, resizing, reformatting, color fix, background removal.
  • You can use the button below to send your photos along with any specific instructions about your order. I will send a confirmation once I receive your order.

SEO Technical Audit and Security Check with Recommendations (WordPress Only)

Lots of companies will charge upwards of $3,000 for a major SEO technical audit, but you don’t necessarily need to do that. I’ve been ale to increase site SEO scores by 30-40 points with just a few updates. If your site needs $3,000 assistance, and it probably doesn’t. I can tell you that for $30,

  • Includes resolution of ONE highest priority issue identified in the audit, basic security updates to site, and a detailed report on all identified issues.
  • Use the button below to submit the URL you would like audited along with any particular concerns you have about your site. I will send a confirmation once I receive your order.

Proofreading and w/ Corrections

Includes minor edits to improve sentence structure, correct grammatical, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors. Specialties include website articles, resumes, cover letters, press releases, business plans, and APA formatted academic documents.

  • Valid on any document up to 2000 words.
  • Finalized updated document will be delivered to your email inbox upon payment.
  • You can use the button below to send your document along with any specific instructions about your order. I will send a confirmation once I receive your order.

Get to the Goal Task Management Services $50+

LinkedIn Profile/Bio Update

  • Review and Update of LinkedIn Profile/Bio to help you show up in the right searches.
  • Includes profile and cover photo retouch and update.
  • Send me your LinkedIn profile URL and I’ll review it and contact you to discuss the specific improvements you would like to see in the update.

If you think you might benefit from any or all of these services don’t waste another minute thinking about it. Contact OnlineDigitalDesigns.com now!

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like, but please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

Digital Learning, Marketing Professional in ATX

My previous experience is in the workforce development industry, where I worked my way up from case manager to supervisor, and finally to training manager. I currently have approximately three years of experience with digital marketing, website management, SEO, and e-learning design. I am now making the leap into working as a digital learning, marketing professional on a full time basis.

Digital Learning, Marketing Education

In addition to having earned my master’s degree in Adult Education/Workplace Learning from Texas State University, I have earned the following digital marketing credentials:

Professional Resume


Digital Marketing: WordPress, Google web tools, on page and technical SEO, site analysis, keyword research, social media management (Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) ecommerce integrations, PhP, MySQL Database, Photo/Video Editing: Adobe Photoshop, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro, Learning Management Systems: Canvas, Blackboard, Soft Chalk, BizLibrary Instructional Design and Presentation: Articulate Storyline. Articulate 360, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi Online Meeting Facilitation: GotoMeeting, Zoom Writing & Word Processing:Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs


Master of Arts, Adult Education/Workplace Learning – Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Criminology – Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Certified Content Marketer, Digital Marketer, 2018

Copy Writing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018

Search Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, 2018

Paid Media Acquisition, Digital Marketer, 2019

Financial Literacy Educator, Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, 2016


Ecommerce, Web Design & Management – Developed and currently manage small business web sites and marketing. Opened and currently manage all aspects of an online clothing and accessories shop.

Program/Project Management – Exceeded or met all program performance measures over 4+ program years, with zero auditory findings over 3+ years.

Learning Management Systems – Implemented and managed a new Learning Management System, achieving a 75% take-up rate within three months of launch.  

E-Learning/Instructional Design– Designed and delivered online onboarding training modules for workforce development professionals.

Instructor Led Training/Presentation – Planned and implemented professional training presentations for workforce development professionals and job seekers; provided classroom instruction to college-level students.

Career Counseling/ Student Services – Provided career path, educational, and employment counseling to adult and juvenile populations with significant barriers to employment, resulting in hundreds of individuals obtaining self-sufficiency.  Facilitated the acquisition of over $250,000 in student financial aid to at-risk students at local area high schools.


In addition to the digital learning and marketing professional experience and education listed above, I have enjoyed a rich and varied life experience including, but still not limited to, having appeared in several community theater productions, completed several comedy improv classes, worked as an extra and a production intern in movies and television, (Friday Night Lights, Gene Generation, Bad Kids Go to Hell), volunteered for Austin Film Festival, completed studio and field production coursework through local cable access channels, Channel Austin and Access Tucson.

For over three years, I provided direct services to the homeless populations in three cities, and worked with victims of domestic violence . I have sold Dish Network satellite dishes as a vendor at numerous county fairs across the state of Pennsylvania, cleaned houses, wrapped sandwiches, dug a few ditches, gathered census data, and during one summer, helped to keep Austin’s swimming pools clean and sparkling.


My background in education, and experience with digital learning and marketing, coupled with my solid project management and training skills, ability to troubleshoot problems out of existence, and learn new processes quickly makes me an excellent resource for anyone looking to start something new and/or get something done. I am available for consultation mostly anytime, and can be reached via email or by text at 512-355-6217.

TEXT: (512) 355-6217 I’ll be happy to speak with you by phone if you like, but please send a text message and/or an email first to schedule a time for the call. Thank you.

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